Sunday, November 16, 2014


I took a page out of my Facebook friend Anna Cade's book, who always comes up with these really neat designs for her nails.  So I decided to be a little crafty around the house.  

I picked up wooden frames from Wal-mart a while ago (before my rant), foam paint brushes, paint in a bottle, various pieces and colors of felt, and scrapbook design paper.  Everything I just listed cost a whopping $6.38.

Yellow felt was used to wrap a frame for the living room, then I painted another one light green, and the last one was wrapped with colorful scrapbooking paper that looks like rugs. 

Traditionally, I've stayed away from projects such as these, because it seemed like it would take a while to finish AND I was sure it would be royally screwed up!   By the time I completed all 3 frames, it took just an hour, so I'm ready to dive back in for more!  

If you want to save money, or looking for creative ways to design picture frames, take some time to shop at craft stores, and dollar stores, etc., to see what you can come up with.  It will definitely be worth it!


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  1. Oh yay! How fun :D I love projects like that. It's so nice once you're done to sit back and have something neat and unique to display. Happy crafting Ro!


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