Saturday, November 8, 2014


I'm not really a whiskey drinker, but thought the title of this recipe was fun and super simple to make for holiday parties.

Even better, adding maple syrup helps to burn fat with riboflavin, and to provide some extra energy due to the vitamin B-5 and niacin.  Despite the benefits and yumminess, we wouldn't want to overindulge, of course! (lol)

1 Oz. Whiskey
1 1/2 Oz of Pure Maple Syrup - not the fake stuff!
3/4 Oz. Lemon Juice
1 Tsp Orange Juice
4 Oz. Sparkling Water

Add the whiskey, maple syrup, lemon juice, orange juice and sparkling water to a tall glass filled with ice, mixing to combine. Decorate with a fresh orange or lemon slice on the rim of the glass, and you're all done!


  1. LOL that is a fun name for sure. I don't drink often but I would so give this a try :D

    1. I'm with you, Anna - not much of a drinker, but love finding fun things to talk about! Hugs...

  2. Insanely comprehensive :)

    Thank you so much,
    Now I have something to read during the holidays. This will take a while but well worth it like always
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