Thursday, November 13, 2014


I've literally shopped in Wal-mart for all my life because they have nice merchandise; but on Veterans' Day my positive outlook changed.

How dare you put up a table with red, white and blue banners, appreciating a veteran, yet not offer the slightest discount to purchase your products.  For some reason I saw this as hypocritical, insulting and an awesome fail.  In fact, I visited 3 stores in different locations and experienced the same behavior.

I asked two employees if they offered discounts and they seemed shocked that I asked, and when I spoke to the Customer Service Manager, who was friendly thank goodness, her comment was,"We offer great deals every day"!   She then rubbed me on the shoulder as if that took away the sting of her comment. ! Huh...?

If we can shop in a Dollar General or a Food Lion and get a discount, how can a chain such as Wal-mart offer anything less to those who have served their country and come home with PTSD, without a limb, no benefits, are homeless and can't find jobs, and have trouble in some instances maintaining relationships causing emotional and physical trauma to those they love?

Wal-Mart has close to 35 million LIKES on Facebook, and for them to "pledge to hire 100,000 veterans by 2019, and salute veterans" on their page, I find to be a huge missed opportunity for revenue and to gain new customers. This may be a small matter to some, but I believe this to be a HUGE deal to be addressed.  

The entire scenario throughout the day truly frustrated me; so much so, that I commented on their page on November 12 to address my concerns, advising them of my intent to share this information with others via Facebook, Twitter and my Blog with no response.  This indicates to me that they don't consider my rant of any importance.

Keep in mind that there are veterans out there who have given up everything to protect their country. Is a discount offered one day a year unreasonable?  Is anyone out there with me on this issue?

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