Monday, November 17, 2014


To be honest, I use these terms interchangeably, but there really is a difference.  Dressing is actually baked in a dish in the oven and stuffing cooks inside of the chicken, goose, duck or turkey.

But what the heck - maybe you could care less one way or the other what it's called, as long as it tastes good! (lol)

Oyster Dressing can be super crunchy due to the saltines that are added.

Sausage Stuffing - A bread stuffing made with lots of your choice of sausage, herbs and apples or cranberries for something a little different.

Cornbread Dressing -  Bake your cornbread with dried fruit, nuts and other ingredients you may like to wow your guests.

Cranberry or Raisin Stuffing - Use thick bread crumbs, golden raisins or cranberries, onions,thyme and sage to make this recipe sing as it's cooked inside of your turkey!

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