Friday, February 13, 2015

FORGETFUL FRIDAY - Has This Happened To You?


Yesterday, I went shopping with a friend in an area that I don't normally visit.  As I headed into the store, someone yelled my name to gain my attention.

Before I knew it, this woman cheerfully engaged in a full fledged conversation about my life and how things were going, as she got out of her vehicle.  Obviously, she knew quite a bit about me as she smiled and chatted. As a blogger and avid talker, I know a lot of people, and some I will never know their name, but this person clearly knew a lot about me and I had no clue who in the world she was!  I smiled back, asking how she was doing, then told her it was good to see her, which technically, I guess, is a lie. (lol)  It's been two (2) days and I have no earthy idea what happened yesterday, and by now I think you know that I was much too embarrassed to ask her name.  What in the heck is wrong with me, and has this ever happened to you? If so, how in the world do you handle it without looking like a crazy person?


  1. LOL. I do this all the time sadly>.< Even when I was in school with people I constantly forgot who they were, needless to say I adopted the fake smile and calling them "hun". Totally works.

    1. Hey Lanie: LOL! I think I'm going to have to start taking a page from your book, and I'm so glad I'm not alone. Happy Valentine's Day!


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