Tuesday, February 17, 2015


The other day, a friend of mine who runs a Frugal site called to tell me that her soon to be ex-husband called her blog, "fake".  According to the dictionary, that term means counterfeit, not genuine or authentic, having a false or misleading appearance.

Let me first say that she is divorcing her husband because he's been verbally abusive and a serial cheater, so we really shouldn't be all that surprised that he chose to attack her passion.

I should also mention that while I can't provide the name of the blog in this instance for privacy reasons, she has over 2000+ followers, about 49,000 views of her blog and is exceptionally popular. Not making a lot of money yet, but it's coming. She writes about how and where to save money, provides information on recipes and enjoys cooking, and somehow manages to share funny stories of her life without bringing up the horrors of everything she's been going through while being married for the past 9 years.

Okay, her husband has been caught and it's over, and he's obviously decided to move on with his life. What possible reason could he have to say anything negative about a blog that never mentions him, and focuses on the things his wife loves?  Why can't "over" mean "over"?  He made his wife miserable by constantly degrading her, yelling for no reason, gaslighting, attempting to control her money and humiliating her for how she dressed, yet it appears he's not done twisting the knife.

Despite being angry that he continues to mistreat her, I calmed down enough to tell her to ignore this narcissist who obviously has his own issues and to embrace her success by looking at the numbers and all the new friends she's met who appreciate her humor and expertise.  I also shared that nothing about who she is, including her blog, is not sincere.

Finally, if a person takes the time to place content on a blog, be it a sweepstakes, a book review, a discussion about life, feelings, recipes, fashion advice, media news etc., how in the world can it ever be considered, "not real" when clearly that person has something of value to communicate?

What about you?  Is there such a thing as a "fake" blog?



  1. If we put this into perspective he was a "fake" husband.

    1. LOL!!!!!!!!! Kim - you just made my night and I'm passing on this clever, funny AND true comment to my friend. I hope it lifts her spirits!!! My goodness - this is just too funny! BIG Hugs...

  2. Well he sounds like quite the jerk. I do believe there are fake blogs out there though. Ones that never post original content, or snag content from others and pretend it's theirs. It sounds like she's got an awesome one though and he's just being a putzy jerk.

    1. Jerk isn't strong enough of a word to describe this guy for sure. (lol) Proud of her for doing her own thing and moving on with her life "without him". Hugs...

  3. Yes there are plenty of blogs that do serve no purpose to anybody at all, but I am sure hers has helped many people by offering insight they may have never thought of, humor and many other pieces of information. Thank you for posting to help encourage her.


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