Sunday, September 29, 2013

I Love Saving Money!

Yippee!  Love to give cards for just about anything, but they can be super expensive.  Went to a yard sale yesterday and found two boxes of cards for all kinds of occasions.  Cost for both boxes - just a whopping $ .50!

We always need toilet paper, so when I saw that Food Lion had a sale, I pulled out my manufacturers coupon AND the store coupon to pay just $1.75 for a 9 pack.  Yay!

Next stop - Dollar General, where with coupons, I was able to snag deals on women and men's deodorant, soap and dish washing detergent for next to nothing!  Sadly, the store had been robbed last week, so they're changing their hours, but thank goodness everyone is ok.

My husband frequently asks why I feel the need to stock up on so many items that are already in the house.  I tell him we must be prepared in case World War Z happens or War of the Worlds, District 9 or the Day After Tomorrow, so we can have stuff for us and other people who need it.  Shaking his head as usual, he tells me, "uh..., I think we'll all be pretty much dead".  I, of course, insist that we'll still be around no matter what, with tons of toilet paper, shampoo, deodorant, and cereal to share with whoever is left.   "You watch way too many movies, babe".

Meanwhile, I found a few more bargains to check out later today while he's at work.  Shhh... he'll never know once they're stored away. (lol)


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