Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Street Team with Jennifer Blake

Many years ago, one of the authors I was hooked on was Jennifer Blake. In fact, she had a character named Ransom in one of her books that I was determined to name my son.  Unfortunately, my husband had other ideas and stopped me just short of signing the birth certificate. (lol)

Ms. Blake wrote her first book in the 70's, but I didn't actually catch on to any of her work until the mid 80's.  Her scenery was wonderfully descriptive, and the leading men, handsome, strong and charismatic, seducing me slowly, until I fell madly in love, over and over again.

Back then there was no e-mailing, so when she took the time to write me back with a personal letter answering all my questions, I couldn't wait to tell all my friends that I actually knew a published author!  More importantly, readers clearly meant something to her.  How neat is that?

Anyhoo, in the near future, Ms. Blake is working on a Street Team for her readers and will continue to provide updates in the coming months.  Stay tuned...

Meanwhile, read more about Jennifer Blake on her website at:  http://www.jenniferblake.com/index.cfm


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