Saturday, September 7, 2013


Sometimes there are simple ways to enjoy life and the things around you.  It just takes a little time and creativity.

Try a few when you get a chance:

1.  Choose 2 Days out of the month to play board games with your family or significant other.  I'm not nearly as awesome as my husband, but he beats my butt AT LEAST twice a month in Scrabble.  There's no need to spend a lot of money on games, either.  I've found many games in Thrift Stores and Yard Sales that are in perfect condition.

2.  MAKE a Birthday or Anniversary Card instead of buying one.  Find some greetings in books, on the Internet or even better, take the time to make up your own.  Not only does it make you smile, but the receiver will appreciate the personalization.

3.  This is rougher than it sounds, but will be well worth it!  Give just 10 minutes a day to your special someone, a child, your parents/grandparents, best friend or a cousin.  Even if you're just listening, your kindness will make someone happy and build important relationships.

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