Thursday, September 26, 2013

WOW! What a Way to Pay it Forward

If you live in Oregon and are grocery shopping, you may get lucky!  Check out an article from Yahoo, earlier this morning.

By | Healthy Living on Yahoo.

The mystery surrounding a series of $100 bills recently tucked into items at grocery stores in Oregon has been solved. Turns out, the good deeds were the work of a Portland radio station trying to drum up publicity and spread some good fortune.

Despite speculation that the mystery donor was an unidentified local lottery winner, on Wednesday, The New 98.7 The Bull (KUPL) announced that it was responsible for mysterious windfalls occurring around Oregon and Southwest Washington — although no one from the station would specify which stores were included in the treasure hunt. "We are everywhere and encouraging others to pay it forward and do the same," the station's music director "B-Dub" wrote in an email to Yahoo Shine.

Over the past week, 12 shoppers at a Fred Meyer grocery store on Southeast Commercial Street in Salem were delighted to find $100 bills stuffed inside egg cartons, ice cream containers, and other random grocery items over the past few weeks. Walmart customers have also had similar experiences. 

“We can confirm that there have been 12 different customers who have found $100 bills in our store. Upon finding the money, they’ve all alerted a store clerk and have been allowed to keep the money,” Melinda Merrill, the director of publicity at Kroger, the company that owns Fred Meyer, told Yahoo Shine. “It’s a wonderful thing.”

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