Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Once a month I go through my DVD shelves and bookcases to ensure they are dusted and where they're supposed to be alphabetically; so you can imagine my surprise when Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol with Tom Cruise mysteriously showed up next to Parker with my boyfriend, Jason Statham. When I asked my husband, he of course denied all knowledge, but since there are only two people in the house, I think we all know who was the guilty culprit. (lol)

Later that day, my husband graciously fixed a portion of one of the bookcases, (there are 7) which I truly appreciated, but when he decided to then rearrange the books on that shelf, which are painstakingly grouped by author and copyright , I dramatically gasped loudly, grabbed my heart, and knew I was surely ready to die from a near heart attack. He of course, knew the fastest way to save me from an early death, was to place those books right back in order, then to quickly move away from the bookcase.(lol)

Shayla Black has her own area, JR Ward is listed alphabetically, Cathryn Fox has her special location, along with David Baldacci, Jennifer Blake, Robin Kaye, Pamela Morsi, Brenda Novak, Sasha White, Sharon Sala, Delilah Devlin, CAtherine Anderson, Catherine Coulter, Sierra Cartwright,  Dan Brown, Melissa Schroeder, and a zillion others of my favorite authors.  There are even spaces for cookbooks, dictionaries, self-help books, etc.

Unless you're an avid book reader or collector, you probably have no idea how important it is to keep them in some type of order or the backlog can slowly get away from you, driving you bonkers.  I have an Ereader, but very rarely use it, preferring to have the novel right in front of me.  Yes there is an extensive load of books in a corner - I'm at over 192 right now, and while my husband feels I can never read everything that is piled up neatly in a corner (and continues to grow) in this lifetime, I know he's out of his mind.

Call me selfish, but I don't even loan out books or movies, because for some inexplicable reason, I NEVER get them back, forcing me to repurchase one of my treasures.  So don't waste your time asking for that hard to find book.  Sorry!

Meanwhile, stand back and away from my books and movies.  I don't want any trouble...



  1. HAHA, I can imagine the look on your husband's face when you gasped out loud! too funny, but I seriously understand. DON'T. TOUCH. MY. BOOKS!

  2. LOL! It's been 3 years and he's still getting used to it!


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